[jp] Add Record: Ctrl-R vs. Apply Changes: Ctrl-Enter -- why?

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at free.fr
Tue Jan 11 16:08:12 EST 2005

Le Tuesday 11 January 2005 à 08:55:55, Lukas Ruf a écrit:
> What has been the reason that one has to press 'Ctrl-R' to save a
> freshly created record but 'Ctrl-Enter' to apply the changes?

Because they are two different buttons and you can't assign the same
accelerator to two buttons at the same time (even if you see only one of

> I work a lot with hotkeys.  Why isn't it possible to cancel the
> editting of a record with 'ESC' instead of (painfully) clicking on
> another record and clicking on 'No' within the save-modification-dialog?

That's a good idea.
Do not hesitate to provide a patch, or wait until someone provides one.


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