[jp] Re: jpilot.org mailing list problem and question

Leslie Lewis lesliel8 at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 3 19:23:16 EST 2005

 --- Jonathan Murray <jmurray at whoi.edu> wrote: 
> Not sure. Is anything showing up in
> /var/log/messages?
> I always look there first. I know this sounds
> ridiculous, but make sure 
> you are getting good contacts on the USB-palm
> device. I had this problem 
> when I was using an older palm pilot.

Good advice. My newish Tungsten C doesn't fit into the
cradle as well as it might, and sometimes needs to be
jiggled a bit to make it communicate. 
I've been playing around with kernels, too, and for
some reason my /dev/pilot link disappeared. I had to
recreate it and make sure I had read/write permissions
for it. Check to see if it's there.

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