[jp] JPilot 0.99.7 and Arch Linux

Ralph Alvy ralvy at warpmail.net
Sun Jan 2 20:34:33 EST 2005

On Sunday 02 January 2005 03:47 pm, Rob van Vliet wrote:
> Ralph Alvy wrote:
> >On Sunday 02 January 2005 02:44 pm, Ralph Alvy wrote:
> >>I find that, on Arch Linux 0.7, JPilot 0.99.7 has the following odd
> >>behaviour:
> >>
> >>When I click on the right or left arrowhead in the Day View (to go
> >>the next/previous day or year), JPilot jumps 2 days if I choose the
> >>Day arrowhead, and 2 years if I choos the Year arrowhead.
> >>
> >>This odd behaviour is not present under Gentoo.
> >>
> >>I compiled and installed JPilot 0.99.7 from source, enabling GTK2.
> >>
> >>I'll also post this in the Arch Forum.
> >
> >More ... I now see that this behaviour is present under Slackware 10
> >Current.
> This is great ;) I originally filed this as a bug (see
> http://bugs.jpilot.org/view.php?id=1370 ), but nobody seemed to be able
> to reproduce it. In my case it has to do with my datebook database.
> After I delete my ~/.jpilot/DatebookDB.pdb the behavior is gone.
> BTW: It happened to me in all jPilot versions. OS is Fedora Core3.
> Regards,
> Rob

Thanks for the reply. I deleted my entire ~/.jpilot directory and started over 
again. Still happens in Arch Linux. I imagine it has something to do with 

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