[jp] GNU/Keyring plugin buglets

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Thu Jan 27 10:13:39 EST 2005

	I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the following two 
small bugs with the GNU/Keyring plugin in J-Pilot: 

	1.) Using v1.2.2 or v1.2.3 of GNU/Keyring, I am unable to 
	    synchronize categories across. The categories on the Palm 
	    side are fine, and readable, but in J-Pilot, they're 8-bit 

	2.) The proposed solution to fix this (before I dive into the 
	    code and fix it myself), is to remove 
	    ~/.jpilot/Keys-Gtkr.pdb and ~/.jpilot/Keys-Gtkr.pc3, and 
	    synchronize again. This doesn't work at all, and complains 
	    with the following error:

		lastSyncPC = 1294473423
		This PC = 1294473423
		Doing a fast sync.
		Syncing Keys-Gtkr
		Unable to open file: /home/foo/.jpilot/Keys-Gtkr.pdb

	    Hitting F6 to open the plugin, returns the following, 
	    every time it is hit:

	    KeyRing: file /home/foo/.jpilot/Keys-Gtkr.pdb not found.
	    KeyRing: Try Syncing.
	    I can pull Keys-Gtkr.pdb from the Palm, using pilot-xfer, 
	    and put it into ~/.jpilot, and then interact with the 
	    plugin, but categories are still trashed.

	3.) If I remove all the categories defined in GNU/Keyring on 
	    the Palm-side and remove Keys-Gtkr.pdb from ~/.jpilot, and 
	    synchronize again (with only the Keyring plugin enabled), 
	    I then get the above error for every record in GNU/Keyring 
	    (about 204 records in my case). 

	Has anyone else been experiencing these issues? 

David A. Desrosiers
desrod at gnu-designs.com

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