[jp] CVS jpilot failes with keyring plugin

Lukas Ruf ruf at rawip.org
Mon Jan 24 17:23:34 EST 2005

Dear all,

today I fetched the latest source code of jpilot from CVS.

    sh autogen.sh
    ./configure --enablt-gtk2 --disable-manana
    make install

Produced a really nice looking jpilot -- congratulation and thanks!
However, when I try to access my keyring, jpilot aborts with the
following errors:

uccellina:jpilot!136> jpilot

(jpilot:12129): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktextbuffer.c: line 557
(gtk_text_buffer_emit_insert): assertion `g_utf8_validate (text, len,
NULL)' failed
jpilot: relocation error: /usr/local/lib/jpilot/plugins/libkeyring.so:
undefined symbol: MD5

Any idea how I can fix this problem?

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Raw IP   <http://www.rawip.org> |
Style  <http://email.rawip.org> |

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