[jp] Command line (shell) interface for syncing?

Adam Richard g4c9z at unb.ca
Sat Jan 15 12:43:21 EST 2005


I'm wondering whether it's possible to backup/sync/restore from the command line rather
than from within JPilot.  The files in .jpilot seem to contain the changes in .pc3
files, so I don't know whether executing pilot-xfer on the JPilot files would work
properly.  I want pressing the hotsync button to cause a hotsync program to run
(through udev).  This would especially be an improvement because of the annoying
interface that the USB hotsync cable has of not making the /dev/pilot device appear
until you actually push hotsync, and also waiting a while after you press hotsync
before it appears, thereby making it a guessing game of how long to wait before
clicking "sync" in JPilot.

I know there are alternatives like coldsync but it would be nice if I could continue to
use JPilot and also have this ability.

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