[jp] 0.99.8-pre7

R. W. rikster5 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 12:43:00 EST 2005



>>Three issues I do not understand:
>>a) the self-built jpilot does not have any of the nice icons -- but
>>  '.deb' does.  Why?
>>b) the self-built jpilot has ugly fonts while the '.deb' has very
>>  ones.  Why is there a difference?
>>c) the self-built jpilot allows me to select the 'First day of the
>>  is'.  Why doesn't the '.deb' do so?

As you already discovered, jpilot can be built to use either the
GTK1(old) or GTK2(new) widget sets.  GTK1 does not support the nice
little icons in menus or anti-aliased fonts(a & b).  On the other hand,
GTK2 determines the first day of the week from locale data and
therefore it is not possible to have an option to set it.

Now, if you're really unhappy with whatever day is the first day of the
week in your locale you can change it with a bit of manual-editing of
binary files.  It's a bit involved so I'm not going to include
instructions unless you absolutely, positively can't live with your
current locale's suggestion.


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