[jp] please help :-)

Elizabeth Dodd liz at billiau.net
Mon May 31 17:03:27 EDT 2004

On Mon, 31 May 2004 23:03, Ron Lauzon wrote:
> Elizabeth Dodd wrote:
> > Just trying this with a new Zire21 and keep on getting /dev/pilot does
> > not exist.
> > /dev/pilot is linked to the correct usb port, tried substituting the
> > names of the USB port, still "doesn't exist."
> > Any ideas??
> Most likely the USB ID for the Zire21 isn't known.
> Go to /var/log and tail -f messages.
> Then start the HotSync on the Zire21.  You should see something like:

That's from where I got the USB port names to try in the script.
I'm still muddled.
I don't know why /dev/pilot was there and yet it wasn't

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