[jp] Re: Sync problems due to filename DatebookDB.pdb instead of DateBookDB.pdb

Mark Johnson mjohnson_mail at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 27 23:13:20 EDT 2004

I'm not sure how the name (and filename inside the file) got the 
uppercase "B" set, but it's fixed now. I did the following steps:

1. Used "pilot-xfer -f DateBookDB" to download the "DateBookDB.pdb" file 
to my PC.
2. Copied the file "cp -p DateBookDB.pdb DatebookDB.pdb".
3. Used KHexEdit to change the name inside the file.
4. Deleted the old file from the Visor "pilot-xfer -d DateBookDB".
5. Uploaded the file using "pilot-xfer -i DatebookDB.pdb".

Once I did that, I tried a sync and it worked! Thanks for all the 
assistance, I really appreciate it.


 >>Mark Johnson wrote:
 >> My problem is this, my Datebook file created by J-Pilot is named
 >> "DatebookDB.pdb", while the file on the Handspring is "DateBookDB.pdb".
 >> The upper-case "B" in the filename on the Visor causes J-Pilot to 
 >> it as the Datebook file.

 >This is the first time I have heard of this problem.  You can name the
 >files on the Palm whatever you want to.  Most applications open them up
 >by their creator ID.
 >Either get the DateBookDB.pdb file from the backup directory for use
 >pilot-xfer -f to get it from the visor.
 >Rename it to DatebookDB.pdb.  The PalmOS filename is inside of the pdb
 >file, so you need to edit it with a binary capable editor (vi should
 >work) and change it.  The PalmOS name will be at the beginning of the 
 >Install it and hopefully it will overwrite the strangely named one.  >You
 >can check its name with Filez on the Palm, or pilot-xfer -l to list the
 >files on the palm.

Mark Johnson
e-mail: mjohnson at chicago.us.mensa.org
     or: mjohnson_mail at sbcglobal.net

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