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Lukas Ruf ruf at rawip.org
Wed May 26 17:17:05 EDT 2004

> Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org> [2004-05-26 23:01]:
> On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 04:09:35PM -0400, Rajamani, Rajarajan
> (Rajarajan) wrote:
> > Is using a windows based X-server an option (like Exceed, cygwin,
> > x-thin Pro etc). I access my jpilot over the web using Exceed at
> > office and cygwin on my home pc.
> I'm looking for web access for those times when that's all I have.
> Like how Squirrel Mail gives me web access to my email when I don't
> have a email client handy.

just for browsing your data, the easiest way would be a cgi/ssi script
based on 'jpilot-dump'.  I have been using something like the
following for quite a while to share information with my girlfriend
(filters applied are not shown ;-)


  # Address
  jpilot-dump -A | grep -v '^$' | sed -e 's/$/<BR>/'

  # ToDo
  jpilot-dump -T | sort -t , +3 -r | sed -e 's/$/<BR>/'

  # DateBook
  jpilot-dump -B | sort -r | sed -e 's/$/<BR>/'


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