[jp] rfe: Install file filter or sort option

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Tue May 18 20:17:51 EDT 2004

David J Patrick wrote:
> If right now I plunk installables into ~/pilot/install/, but every now 
> and then, I have to weed it out 'cause finding the file I just dumped in 
> gets harder and harder.
> If there was a way to filter, or sort on modification date, added ti the 
> Install dialog, I could keep all my *.prc and *.pdb in one place and 
> easily find/ install the new stuff.
> thanks,
> djp
> ps jpilot rocks, I'm just being finicky

I'll make a note of it in case someone wants to help.  I have all kinds 
of tasks like this that can be done independantly when people ask to help.

A command I like to use is "ls -ltr" to reverse sort on time so that the 
most recently modified files are at the bottom of the screen.


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