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Jason Day jasonday at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 17 10:02:03 EDT 2004

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 02:50:19AM -0400, David J Patrick wrote:
> Restore Handheld ran fine and in no time my data SEEMED to have beed 
> restored.
> On closer examination, it was restored to an ancient condition, even 
> though I've been watching the system backup everything almost daily. In 
> looking at the last three archives backed up, the contents of May 15 
> seemed to be good, but the "Latest Archive" pointed to May 17th. Not 

The Restore Handheld menu item restores your handheld from backups made
when you sync using the "Backup" button instead of the "Sync" button.
The "Latest Archive" symlink is made by the jpilot-backup plugin, which
runs whenever you sync, but there is no GUI to restore the data backed
up by the backup plugin.

It should be easy to restore your data though.  Just open a terminal
window and run the following command:

   pilot-xfer -p <port> -r ~/.jpilot/Backup/Archive_2004-05-15 at xx:xx:xx

Replace <port> with the port your pilot syncs on (check jpilot
preferences), and replace the x's in the archive directory name with the
correct time.

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