[jp] pilot-foto on Palm Tungsten T

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Sun May 9 10:09:55 EDT 2004

> Apparently, the pilot-foto conduit looks for files with creator Foto,
> while my images have an IMGV creator, and it looks for the thumbnails in
> PhotosDB-Foto, while mine are stored in IMGVDB.

	Is the application you're using called "Photos"? Or something else?

	According to Palm's own CreatorID search engine, IMGV is registered,
but says "Confidential", which means it isn't an application from Palmsource
or Palm themselves. Perhaps some third-party application?

> Is there some documentation on the format of those DBs? Or do I need to
> reverse engineer everything?

	None of this is documented, unfortunately. We've always had to
reverse-engineer everything byte-by-byte. However... I did just find this
little project:


	Look at the second entry in the file list there. You'll need lha to
unpack it (most Linux and Unix distributions have this). It has the source
to what I _believe_ you will need to deal with that image format.

	Nicholas Piper seems to also have something similar:


> Is the Tungsten T format really different than the one used in pilot-foto,
> or did I miss something? Has anyone here had any luck with photos on the
> TT with linux?

	The "Photos" application running on my Tungsten T2 works with
pilot-foto. I wonder what is different about your version.


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