[jp] Re: Bug#246025: jpilot: dial feature - prefix mgmt needs current location support?

Olaf Schulz jpilot at village.in-berlin.de
Thu May 6 17:49:14 EDT 2004

Hallo Vassilii,
am Sun, 02.05.2004 um 21:40 h +0200 schriebst Du:
> Dear Jpilot developers,
> Here is a proposed change description to Jpilot, from the user
> interface perspective:
> Global location settings needed in JPilot:
> + Current country Name+int'l code, e.g.: U.S. +1
> + Current area code (e.g.: (609) ). (Note that I follow the common
> convention for punctuation as a suggestion for display in JPilot).

please note that not everywhere the pnone numer notation follows these
US-like conventions. 
I think ٍ"+country-code" is global. (someone to correct me?)
I understand that a phone locating system must have some means to
differentiate the area code from the rest of the number. Can one make it
configurable. (first delimiter after the end of country code delimiter)
Also note that in some countries (e.g. in France!, Czech?) one always
MUST dial the area code. (e.g. even in Paris you have to start with 01
for local calls).

For the rest I could follow your suggestions. Unfortunately I dont know
either if there already exists some gnu/linux software dealing with
these problems.


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