[jp] Debian packages uploaded

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at free.fr
Tue May 4 18:04:13 EDT 2004

Le Sunday 02 May 2004 à 16:28:49, Ralph Alvy a écrit:
> I just noticed that new Debian packages for jpilot and its plugins have been 
> made available in unstable today. For me, what's obvious is that JPilot now 
> honors the new float system for Datebk5 that was instituted with version 
> 5.1b. Earlier versions of JPilot didn't see floats created with DB5 5.1b as 
> floats. Now it does.

That's simple: you request it I try to provide it.
It is easier for me if the feature is already present in the CVS version
(as it was the case) since I don't have to provide the code myself.

> Thanks!

You're welcome.

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