[jp] Categories lost when syncing

Beirne Konarski beirne at neo.rr.com
Sat May 22 22:36:06 EDT 2004

I'm syncing my new T3 with J-Pilot for the first time.  The records make it 
into J-Pilot OK but some categories get lost.  In particular, the Business 
category from the Contacts program is gone from the Palm and it doesn't show 
up in J-Pilot.  The records are still there but they now show up as Unfiled.  
Something similar happened with the Calendar as well.

I previously hotsynced a Clie on the same computer so I got rid of the old 
files by removing ~/.jpilot.  I then started J-Pilot and synced from there.  
If I sync with pilot-link directly the categories remain as they should.  I 
also sync up with 2 Windows systems.

Other details:

jpilot 0.99.7 built by hand
Debian unstable
pilot-link 0.11.8-9 installed from Debian 
libpisock 0.11.8-9 installed from Debian

Any ideas?


Beirne "Bern" Konarski  
beirne at neo.rr.com	"Untouched by Scandal"

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