[jp] Sync problems due to filename DatebookDB.pdb instead of DateBookDB.pdb

Mark Johnson mjohnson_mail at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 22 19:03:28 EDT 2004


I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe (yes, it's old) that I'm trying to use 
with J-Pilot v0.99.7 running on my Debian testing/unstable system.

My problem is this, my Datebook file created by J-Pilot is named 
"DatebookDB.pdb", while the file on the Handspring is "DateBookDB.pdb". 
The upper-case "B" in the filename on the Visor causes J-Pilot to ignore 
it as the Datebook file.

I initially noticed the problem when repeated sync attempts would work 
on ToDo, Addresses and Memos, but not appointments. J-Pilot would show 
no appointments from the Handspring and if I added a test appointment to 
J-Pilot, it would not appear in the Handspring.

Once I discovered the name discrepancy, I tried the following:
1. Quit J-Pilot.
2. Copied the "DateBookDB.pdb" file from the backup directory (J-Pilot 
will back the file up with no problems) and put it into the "~/.jpilot/" 
2. Renamed existing "DatebookDB.pdb" to "DatebookDB.pdb.old".
3. Renamed the file "DateBookDB.pdb" to "DatebookDB.pdb".
4. Opened J-Pilot.

At this point, I could see all of my appointments. I thought this would 
be the fix, but I was wrong. I still cannot sync anything. I cannot make 
any changes in J-Pilot that will sync to the Handspring. The only way I 
can get changes from the Handspring is to repeat the steps I described 

Is there a way to have J-Pilot use the "DateBookDB.pdb" file?
(BTW, if I remove the "DatebookDB.pdb" and "DatebookDB.pc3" files 
completely and try starting J-Pilot with the "~/.jpilot/DateBookDB.pdb" 
and an empty "~/.jpilot/DateBookDB.pc3" file, J-Pilot will just create 
new empty "~/.jpilot/DatebookDB.pdb" and "~/.jpilot/DatebookDB.pc3" files.)

If it isn't possible to have J-Pilot use the "DateBookDB.pdb" file, is 
it safe to try to change the datebook filename to "DatebookDB.pdb" on 
the Handspring or does the Handspring require that the name be 

Has anyone else had this particular problem?


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