[jp] backup botch-up

David J Patrick davidjpatrick at sympatico.ca
Mon May 17 02:50:19 EDT 2004

Hi !
It happened bad yesterday, SPLAT! crash! erase all data ? YES, was the 
only option.
No biggie, I thought, jpilot 0.9.77 to the rescue.
Restore Handheld ran fine and in no time my data SEEMED to have beed 
On closer examination, it was restored to an ancient condition, even 
though I've been watching the system backup everything almost daily. In 
looking at the last three archives backed up, the contents of May 15 
seemed to be good, but the "Latest Archive" pointed to May 17th. Not 
finding an obvious method of pointing to the desired archive, I tried 
renaming the older (good?) directory to match the symlink for the Latest 
Archive. That didn't work and now Restore Handheld only offers the core 
files. Before the botchup, I copied the whole Backup directory, but I'm 
clearly clueless and my palm is now usless. D'ya have a clue ?

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