[jp] pilot-foto on Palm Tungsten T

Segall Itai spapuk at t2.technion.ac.il
Sun May 9 06:31:23 EDT 2004


I recently received a Palm Tungsten T, which used to be my father's.
I tried installing/fetching pictures from it using the pilot-foto
published here a while ago, with no success.
Apparently, the pilot-foto conduit looks for files with creator Foto,
while my images have an IMGV creator, and it looks for the thumbnails in
PhotosDB-Foto, while mine are stored in IMGVDB.

I might want to implement the support myself (assuming no one on this list
has already figured this out), but I don't really know where to start. Is
there some documentation on the format of those DBs? Or do I need to
reverse engineer everything?
Is the Tungsten T format really different than the one used in pilot-foto,
or did I miss something? Has anyone here had any luck with photos on the
TT with linux?

Any help here would be appreciated,


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