[jp] Re: Bug#246025: jpilot: dial feature - prefix mgmt needs

Sarah George sarahg at csse.monash.edu.au
Thu May 6 21:37:14 EDT 2004

The solution used in "PhoneMagic" that I rather like is to copy the
appropriate number into an editable text field and have the "dial" button
beside that field. You can then make a last minute change (eg. adding an
area code or a "dial via PABX" code) before hitting the dial button, and
the changes don't get recorded back to the "offical" copy of the person's

Its not *as* convenient but it makes it very flexible with minimal

-- Sarah

PS:  this is my third attempt at posting this. I got bounce messages from the 
other two, saying my ISP (bigpond.com) and my backup email (yahoo.com) are 
both too much abused by spammers to allow anyone to post from them. 

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-- Sarah

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