[jp] jpilot-dial: Problems with area-code

Ralf Moll ralf-info at family-moll.de
Wed May 5 14:41:39 EDT 2004


I'm running jpilot under Debian testing and installed that wonderful 
jpilot-dial for dialing out. Before I used the window-dialing-tool in 
connection with my modem. But the DTMF dialing does it "cooler".

I've just one problem:
Because of the windows-dialing tool I formated all phonenumbers 
+49 (7131) 104-2204 is my work-number
If I dial this nummer with my handy, I got a connection, but on my 
telephonsystem at work I'm not allowed to call foreign countries, so the 
00 is canceld :-(
The windows-toos does automatically change the
+49 (7131) 104-2204 into
00 (7131) 104-2204 (one 0 for getting out of the telephonesystem)

So I tried to search and replace the "+49 (" into "(0" but this damaged 
the address-database, because I've now 2 instead of 5 digits.

What can I do?
Is there a tool to replace all numbers? Or one to export the addresses 
to csv correctly? If I export to csv, OpenOffice cannot read the lines, 
because in the notice filed I've a lot of CR, which cause a CR in the 
CSV, too :-(

Greetings from Germany,


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