[jp] Manana database?

Paul Landes landesp at acm.org
Tue Mar 23 16:24:39 EST 2004

I agree.  I had the same experience.  I do however, love
and use the Keyring.  There are fewer more useful

Rich Shepard writes:
 > On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Judd Montgomery wrote:
 > > Plugins:
 > >   Manana can be found at http://bill.sexton.tripod.com/download.htm
 > >   KeyRing can be found at http://gnukeyring.sourceforge.net
 > Judd,
 >   Many thanks. I pondered what Bill did, shrugged and left the Web site.
 > I've accomplished the same thing by putting those very low priority items on
 > my To Do list with priority 5 and no due date. Other notes I want to have
 > handy and find when I need them I put in the memo application. From _my_
 > perspective, manana is a solution looking for a problem.
 > Rich
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