[jp] integrating jpilot and Mozilla

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Mar 23 14:29:59 EST 2004

Justus H. Piater <Justus.Piater at ULg.ac.be> says:
> Use emacs as a mailer. Emacs is programmable and can thus do
> anything you like. I have a perl script that uses the perl
> PDA::Pilot package to extract addresses etc. from
> ~/.jpilot/AddressDB.pdb. Within emacs, it's just a couple of
> keystrokes to insert any e-mail address. Thus, jpilot _is_ my
> mailer's address book. No need to sync anything!

As a longtime loyal user of VM under Emacs for my mail, I'd love to
see this script! (Now, if we could somehow hook BBDB up with
AddressDB.pdb in some sort of real-time connection, that'd be
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