[jp] Re: Colored highlights seem random

R. W. rikster5 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 13:57:12 EST 2004

> I've noticed with 0.99.7 that my to-do items seem to randomly
> highlight
> themselves, in a tasteful pastel blue (Martha Stewart would be
> pleased).
That blue usually indicates that you have modified the record in Jpilot
but the change has not yet been synced to the actual Palm device.  Does
this match your experience or can you verify that at least this color
change is occurring correctly?

> Coloration doesn't seem to hinge on date/no date, or anything else
> obvious. Is it a GTK2 thing, or am I the only one to experience this.
Highlighting of modified, deleted, modified-deleted, and overdue
records happens in both versions of GTK.

> Not a show-stopper by any stretch of the imagination...but inquiring
> minds want to know...
> Best to all,
> Pete

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