[jp] pilot-foto doesn't see new photos...

J. Nestlerode applewax at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 12 09:43:38 EST 2004


I previously reported that the new pilot-foto seemed to be functioning just 
fine w/ my Zire71.  I've since discovered that it only 'sees' (pilot-foto 
-l) photos that have already been installed on the palm, but not new images 
that I've just photographed w/ the palm.  It *does*, however, see the 
*thumbnails* of newly photographed images.  Also, it sees any photos that I 
install (pilot-foto -i).

I've tried renaming new photos, moving them to other 'albums', and even 
moving them to the SD card and back.  Nothing.  Consequently, I am unable to 
fetch any new photos from the palm.

Anyone else experiencing this?  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Joe Nestlerode
DuPont Chemical Sciences & Engineering
Wilmington, Delaware
joseph.nestlerode at usa.dupont.com

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