[jp] A common "clip board" for Jpilot modules?

Peter N. Spotts pspotts at alum.mit.edu
Fri Mar 12 08:41:48 EST 2004


Does Jpilot maintain a common clipboard across its various functions? I
just tried to copy information from my phone book to an appointment
entry and found the "paste" function blanked when I right-clicked to
access it after I'd moved into appointments. Here's the drill:

I defined a phone number in the phone book, right clicked on the
highlighted text and selected copy. I then switched to appointments,
went into an entry, and tried to paste the phone number into the it.
When I right clicked to bring up the menu, all of the copy/paste/etc
functions were not accessible. 

There may be a better and simpler way to accomplish what I was trying to
do, but the old copy 'n paste method seemed the best one to try.

I'm using 0.99.7 by the way...

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