[jp] Using the dialer function to open an email Mozilla window

Rubens Mau rmau at dialdata.com.br
Fri Mar 12 06:02:36 EST 2004

Hi Judd,

Congratulations for your JPilot program.  I use it as my date and 
address book, syncronizing with my Palm. Works just fine !!
The Find window opens in a separate window, making it much easier to 
work with , in comparasion with the Window Palm Desktop.

I have recently moved from Windows to Linux, and am not a programmer, 
altough I have a reasonable Linux administration knowledge.

I have the idea of using the Dialer function to open an email window 
using as parameter the E-mail address stored in JPilot.
I changed the Dialer command  in the Phone Dialer window  to :
mozilla -remote "mailto(%n)"   . This works fine if the Mozilla Mail is 
already working.

Clicking in the Dial Button the Mozilla Mail opens correctly, but  there 
is a problem. In the address window dialog , if  I enter an alphanumeric 
character as a "phone number"      it is not transfered to the Phone 
Dialer  window, Phone Number box - it works just with numbers.

I tried to look in your source code, but I am a very bad C programmmer. 
I presume that changing this "cheking"  is a minor one, and coluld add a 
great functionality for JPilot.

Rubens Mau
rmau at dialdata.com.br
Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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