[jp] character sets

Jürgen Botz jurgen at botz.org
Sun Mar 7 18:52:55 EST 2004

The Palm's native character set seems to be ISO8859-1; Recent
versions of Linux by default use UTF-8 and thus so does jpilot
when running there... the result seems to be that if you have
records with non-ASCII characters (such as the the umlaut in
my name) things don't work right.  At best you'll get the wrong
symbol displayed, at worst jpilot gets very unhappy and
removes the contents of the field altogether.

So I tried running it with "LANG=en_US", which I thought /should/
cause it to use ISO8859-1 as the character set, but it doesn't
seem to make any difference.

Am I missing something?  Do others have a problem with this?
Is there some way to work around it?


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