[jp] 2 item wish list

kb6mjb at excite.com kb6mjb at excite.com
Wed Mar 3 00:56:28 EST 2004

I've used 'jpilot' for a couple (?) of years, now.  First, with a
Handspring Visor Platinum, and now with a Treo 600.

One thing that I've always missed on 'jpilot' is a button to move the
calendar display back to 'today'.  I'm frequently checking dates in
different months and years, forward and back, and it would be so nice
just to click a button to return to 'today', instead of working my way

Another thing...

I have 'Highlight calendar days with appointments' checked, but the highlighting just isn't that obvious.  I have to _look carefully_ to
notice the highlighting.  It would be nice to be able to assign a color for this highlighting.  It would be even nicer if you could assign multiple colors for the different types of appointment types.

In any case, a great product that I really appreciate.


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