[jp] importing into a zire

Marc Ozon palm at spamfilter1.ozonation.org
Mon Mar 1 08:10:55 EST 2004

Wine won't help those of us not running on x86, but I hadn't thought of
cabextract, which isn't architecture-dependent.  Thanks for the tip.


--- David A. Desrosiers <hacker at gnu-designs.com> [2004-02-28, 10:10]:
>> The bad news is that not all the .exe files have plain .prc equivalents on
>> the HFS partition.  Those things that require companion Windows or Mac
>> software (acrobat, for example) aren't as simply installed.
>	Depending on what that .exe correlates to (InstallShield installer?
>Simply a compressed set of .exe files? Something else?) you can try wine or
>cabextract to get at the innards inside them.
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