[jp] USB: intermittent problems

George Fragos fragos at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 30 19:52:21 EDT 2004

I'm not sure why but I always click sync on JPilot and hit the cradle  
hotsync button when JPilot asks me to.  It always works for me.

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 06:50:07 -0700, Ralph Alvy <ralvy at warpmail.net> wrote:

> I'm curious as to why Linux sometimes fails to connect with my USB  
> cradle, though most of the time it does. My method for syncing is to hit  
> the hot sync button on the device, then, when I see the device trying to  
> connect, I hit the sync button on JPilot. 99% of the time, this works  
> fine. When it fails, JPilot is stuck with the message saying I need to  
> hit my hot sync button. If I Cancel on the device, then exit JPilot, any  
> subsequent attempts are failure. I must reboot Linux to make it work at  
> this point.
> Why? I'm using the latest debian unstable jpilot (compiled 6/6/04) with  
> pilot-link version 0.11.8.
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