[jp] JPilot and newer Palms (George Fragos)

Ron Lauzon rlauzon at acm.org
Tue Jun 29 17:31:00 EDT 2004

WJ Arnold PhD wrote:
> I use jpilot for synching with a palm Tungsten C, which is the same as the E 
> except that it has a little typewriter keyboard.  Works fine for synch'ing, 
> but back-ups fail.  I posted about failed back-ups (21May2004) but no 
> response ever was made on the jpilot list.  I've assumed no-one knows or the 
> back-up problem is not fixable or not a priority.  Error is:
> "Fetching 'Web History' (Creator ID 'webh')... Failed, unable to back up 
> database"
> Then it quits with message "Read DBList returned = -1"

I have a TC and have had no problems at all syncing/backing up/restoring.

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