[jp] JPilot and newer Palms

Jim Bradbury jim at bradbury.org
Tue Jun 29 12:31:53 EDT 2004


JPilot works great with my Palm OS 5.2.1r2 on my Garmin iQue 3600.

Check out the Compatibility Matrix for other devices and O/S's:


George Fragos wrote:
> Its getting close to the time to retire my TRGpro.  The newest units 
> have  expanded databases for things like multiple addresses.  My 
> question is,  does JPilot work with these Palm OS 5.x.x units, e.g. 
> Tungsten E, for the  data that is common with Palm OS 3.5.  To be honest 
> if I can't use JPilot  with these new units I will stick with the TRGpro.
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