[jp] ?simple question

Olaf Schulz jpilot at village.in-berlin.de
Thu Jun 24 07:51:56 EDT 2004

Hallo Elizabeth,
am Thu, 24.06.2004 um 20:14 h +1000 schriebst Du:
> how do i set an address (etc) on my palm to private?
> do i set it on the palm or in jpilot?
> if so, how?
> I've had a quick look and can't see how.
> Liz
> Ok I've found it in jpilot, how would i do it on the Palm?
> I realise it was actually simple on jpilot....

There's always some "details" dialog with a little checkbox and often
also a menu entry. You have to have the Item selected / be in edit mode
to be able to do that. Often the "private" setting is combined with a
choice for the category. (although the category can often also be
changed on right top of the palm screen)

Usually you'll get a bunch of warnings if you set an item to private.


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