[jp] Re: PILOTRATE for USB (was: Garmin iQue 3600 (Palm OS v.5.2.1r2) Success)

George Fragos fragos at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 20 19:56:27 EDT 2004

JPilot looks at the connection as pure USB so, no speed is required in  
JPilot.  The Palm on the other hand requires a speed since it thinks it  
has a serial connection.

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 01:19:48 +0200, Olaf Schulz  
<jpilot at village.in-berlin.de> wrote:

> Hallo David,
> am Sun, 20.06.2004 um 13:24 h -0400 schriebst Du:
>> > One Question: I have PILOTRATE=115200 in my .bashrc file.  Is this
>> > required, or should I remove it now that I'm using USB instead of the
>> > serial port?
>> 	No, it is not required for non-serial syncronization.
> But is ist required for the serial-over-USB type of connections
> (Like Treo 180/270, Palm Zire 20, Handspring Visor)?
> There you can at least set a speed in the device... (no idea if that has
> any influence).
> Olaf
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