[jp] Instantiating jpilot on a different box

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Mon Jun 7 11:46:27 EDT 2004

> why don't you want to do this? I use make updates to my calendar at both
> work and home. Whenever I want to fire up jpilot, I check whether I'm
> using the most recent .jpilot dir at my location ( ls -l ), if not I run a
> script which wipes out .jpilot and scp's it from the other location. You
> don't even need to tar.  scp -r works just fine.

	Why not just nfs-mount that remote dir locally? Or even use
sshfs[1], if you already have ssh access to the machine. You could also just
use rsync with the --delete flag (and you can use rsync-over-ssh by just
setting RSYNC_RSH=ssh, and using rsync as you normally would).

	You don't need to do the 'ls -l' on it, and visually compare the
dates. One carbon-based mistake there, and you could wipe out some valuable
(newer) data with older data on the other machine.

[1] http://shfs.sourceforge.net/


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