[jp] trouble

Elizabeth Dodd liz at billiau.net
Sun Jun 20 01:36:41 EDT 2004

i had used a serial cradle for years - when I first bought my m500 usb support 
was experimental. (in linux, of course)
i tried to use my usb cradle on another computer to sync and discovered that 
nothing happened.
i found out that i was over two years late with the static discharge problem 
shutting down usb, so i've backed up, discharged the battery, reentered my 
username and now am restoring all my files, and the usb cradle does work now
thanks guys for the ability to back it all up; to restore it all and the help 
with the odd command or two.

If the grass is greener on other side of fence, consider what may be
fertilizing it.

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