[jp] please help :-)

Elizabeth Dodd liz at billiau.net
Sat Jun 5 22:27:42 EDT 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004 07:03, Elizabeth Dodd wrote:

This finally worked. We had even tried using software for another OS, but the 
original CD had been discarded as useless; and then we tried kpilot again, 
but it wasn't actually syncing either. Killed kpilot and it's daemon and then 
we had success.
There had been at least 6 unsuccessful tries beforehand, two Linux installs 
and machines to try it on, modules loaded as needed on mine.
It was correctly loaded the first time on Adrian's machine, and so I just 
can't help sort out why it wouldn't wordk and then why it did work.
thanks everyone for your input.

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