[jp] feature request

Jason Day jasonday at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 21 19:36:56 EST 2004

On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 09:56:43AM +1300, Brenda (Wallace) O'Hagan wrote:
> i have a small request.
> when syncing in jpilot, there is logging appearing in the bottom of the
> application.
> would it be possible to have a timestamp in there, before it starts
> syncing?

You can use your PDA to check the last sync time.  Just open the hotsync
application, and click the Log button in the bottom-left.  It will tell
you time time of the last sync.  Not exactly what you're asking for, but
it's something. :)

> this way i can decide if it's worth syncing the mal content and others
> before i leave.

Don't know if this will help any, but you can configure jpilot-syncmal
to sync at different intervals: every sync, hourly, twice a day, or

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