[jp] CVS problems

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sun Feb 22 22:48:09 EST 2004

Jeff Vian wrote:
> 1. There is no configure file in the stuff that gets downloaded.
>      I thought I could handle that so I copied the configure file from 
> my copy of the 0.99.6 release
>      All seemed to go well until it attempted to create the Makefile.
> 2.  There is no Makefile.in in the download from CVS.

Run autogen.sh and it will create the needed files for you.  Most 
developers don't keep the generated files in CVS.

./autogen.sh followed by any options you would pass to CVS.  Then make, 
make install.

One of the things some people ran into was a libtool problem where the 
shared libraries (plugins) would not end in .so and would not be loaded. 
  I upgraded to the latest libtool and auto tools in an attempt to solve 
this problem.  That is why I want people to actually build it.  I do not 
see this problem with Slackware 9.1, or a mix of debian stable/unstable.


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