[jp] Jpilot silently stopped working without any error messages...

Carlo Graziani carlo at oddjob.uchicago.edu
Fri Dec 31 09:14:09 EST 2004

Donn Washburn wrote:
> seberino at spawar.navy.mil wrote:
>> After downgrading to 2.6.8 Linux kernel Jpilot was working
>> again.
>> Now a few days later it silently stopped working again.
>> I can't sync and I don't get any error messages or nothing
>> to tell me what might be the problem.
>> Any ideas?
>> Chris
> Are you running this from a menu option or xterm?
> Try in a xterm "strace -o jpiloterr.err jpilot" then less the result and 
> see if it shows the error.  Also try "ldd" on the binary.
> Maybe it will offer a clue as to why it stopped working.
> Also try it from TRUE root (not su) and see if it works.  If so it is 
> permissions.
> GUIs/icons are not your friend. They are just easy to use.

Along similar lines, can you contact the device using pilot-xfer, instead
of j-pilot?  With the device hooked up, and the sync button pressed, does
  pilot-xfer -p <your device port> -l
result in any interesting output?

Also, is there any syslog output (typically /var/log/messages) attending
the sync button press?


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