[jp] modem phone dialer script

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Mon Dec 13 19:44:30 EST 2004

Judd Montgomery wrote:
> I have some C code someone donated.  I don't have a modem to test it with.
>  I'll send it when I get home to the machine its stored on.
> Judd

If you need a modem to test it on, just send me an address and I will 
get one to you. I also have a 45 or 60 gig  hard drive I can donate to 
the cause if you need one.

I did a lot of looking and didn't find anything that would just dial the 
phone for voice calls.

Now that KDE and Gnome seem to have a unified clipboard you could make 
it a really slick app. The user should be able to select text and hit a 
hot key to dial so they could dial any number on a web page or any other 
document. (I always thought HTML should have in addition to "mailto:" a 
dialto: tag <g>).

I had a rather old windows program that did this within it self -- it 
used a configurable pattern to detect what was to be considered a phone 
number. Much simpler and more flexible than the mess they have in M$ 
phone dialer.

When/if you finish this I wonder it the two dialing routines (modem and 
sound card) should be in a separate package? I would think if they were 
in a such a package you would get more people interested in it and 
adding support for more devices? Let's see, you could call it dialer or 
dialed for a dialer daemon.

I never heard how your employment situation worked out -- are you 
looking for any work now?


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