[jp] sync wipes out jpilot

Jonathan Murray jmurray at whoi.edu
Fri Sep 26 17:37:48 EDT 2003

I should clarify that I haven't changed anything from the defaults and 
I'm running:


When you make a change in the jpilot program, say add a contact, what is 
the default location for the AddressDB.pdb ? I've drilled down a bit and 
found lots of copies.


I made an entry using jpilot, but none of the files changed size or 
state. Where do the changes get written?

thank you

Jonathan Murray wrote:
> When the batteries on my palm pilot run out I lose all the data on the 
> unit. I generally just sync it with jpilot after setting the user id 
> using dlpsh to get it all back. This time however, after syncing, all 
> the data was removed from the jpilot program as well. I have backups, 
> but why is this happening?
> Ideas appreciated.

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