[jp] ePocrates and Linux, JPilot, SyncMal

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Fri Sep 19 00:37:43 EDT 2003

> So, Jason, does this mean I can somehow use MALSync to update my ePocrates
> on my PDA?:

	I supposed that depends on the lengths of which they've "customized"
their MAL implementation. If they made their own modifications to the
protocol itself, then no.. stock MALSync will not work. It will need to be

	The problem with that is.. MAL is covered by the Mozilla license,
the last I checked. This means that ePocrates doesn't have to supply the
community with their updates and modifications. Doing so, however, would
create a lot of "good will" towards them and their products in the eyes of
the community. The don't appear to have any Linux support at all, so this
could be one way to gain a foothold in that market for them as a company.

	It can't hurt to ask them for their API and modifications at the
conduit/protocol level. You're not asking for the source code to their
application, just to their protocol implementation.


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