[jp] German translation for view/hide-show... - fuzzy

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Wed Oct 15 20:20:36 EDT 2003

Joerg Sommer wrote:
> Hi,
> why is the german translation for /View/Hide-Show-Mask Private Records
> marked as fuzzy?
I only accept translations.  I don't do much verifying.  That is the 
translators job.  Send me an update if you wish.

> The same is with "Th". And the assumption that the string wasn't
> translated, if it is equal to the untranslated version, is wrong
> sometimes. In german the shortcut for saturday is Sa and for friday Fr.
> Why do this cutting? days is already a shutcut for the days.
I don't understand what you are saying here.  I am looking at the latest 
CVS de.po, BTW.


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