[jp] Zire 71 and RH7.2?

Olaf Schulz folkmail at village.in-berlin.de
Mon Oct 13 14:11:02 EDT 2003

Hallo Angel,
am Fri, 10.10.2003 um 10:33 h +0100 schriebst Du:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to synchronize my Zire 71 (USB) with my RH7.2 system. I got
> pilot-xfer installed, and I think I've taken all the correct steps, but when I
> click on the hotsync button and then try to start the pilot-xfer program, it
> simply says that the device is unavailable.

this is the usual nature of USB devices which are recognized as 
"Handspring Visor / Treo / Palm 4.0 / Clié 4.x converter" (in earlier
kernels possibly named as Handspring Visor only).
The USB device nodes in Linux filesystems will only become functional
after the Palm's HotSync is started by either pressing a hotsync
button (hard or "soft" of the HotSync Application) or initiating a
network connection via USB/Serial (serial connection by protocol via usb

Did you ever synch a Palm device via USB 
> I remember reading somewhere, although not sure were, that perhaps I needed to
> update the kernel in order to be able to synchronize. Before I spend any more
> time trying to make it work, I just wanted to know if it is possible to
> synchronize the Zire 71 with an unpatched RH7.2 kernel. Has anybody done it?

Can you provide us (or me personally if you consider it beeing too long)
a copy of your /boot/config-(kernel-verision)?

Which is your kernel version (ask `uname -a` if you don't know).
What output does dmesg give after you pressed the Palm's hotSync button?

In general I agree with Sarah who suggests using (an compiling) a recent
kernel. That's not such a big problem if 
- you've once done it
- you only make small upgrades.

(But I have no idea whether RH does apply distribution specific patches
to the "official" kernels.)

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