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Sarah George slgeo1 at telstra.com
Mon Nov 24 22:05:52 EST 2003

Perhaps something like the Rational Street Performer
Protocol could be looked at to aid in funding for
jpilot development?

"The Street Performer Protocol was proposed by
Kelsey and Schneier as a way of generating private
funding for public works. It is particularly
relevant to the production of information goods."

Its described in more datail at:

-- Sarah

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From: "Aaron B. Iba" <aiba at MIT.EDU>
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 11:54 am
Subject: Re: [jp] Pretty Calendar Views

> On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 09:45:10AM -0800, Paul
English wrote:
> > > 	That being said, I'm sure Judd wouldn't
ignore a well-written 
> patch> > that adds this to the existing codebase
in CVS, as long as 
> it didn't break
> > > anything that was already previously working
> > 
> > I as assuming this would be the case - like I
said, it is 
> important enough 
> > to me that I'd consider coding it myself, except
that right now 
> and 
> > through the end of March, I will be busy enough
that it isn't 
> really an 
> > option. I strongly doubt that my schedule will
all of a sudden 
> get clear 
> > then either. 
> Aha!  You have hit upon the main dilemma for us:
people with enough
> free time to code the calendar view don't have
enough appointments to
> make it useful to them :).
> > On that note though - this is important enough
to me that it is 
> actually 
> > worth money. I don't really know how much, but I
could say $50. 
> I would happily match your $50 to anyone who wants
to take this up
> before I get a chance to.
> > Judd kindly offered his sample-producing code to
whoever wanted 
> to code it 
> > in, so does anyone want to do that? To win the
bounty it would 
> have to 
> > actually be accepted into the main code by Judd
- I'm not 
> interested in 
> > creating a patch/fork situation here. 
> As I mentioned in an earlier email, starting
sometime in January I
> have hopes of being able to dedicate a full week
to making a kick-ass
> graphical calendar view (I prefer to call it a
'graphical calendar
> view' over a 'pretty calendar view' because
'pretty' makes implies
> that it's just decoration).  But this is a hope
and not a promise.
> Also, I might be the right person to do this task:
I imagine that most
> of the work involves knowing GTK or knowing jpilot
internals, and I
> know neither at the moment.  Certainly Judd's
commented prototype
> would be greatly helpful.
> Aaron
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