[jp] Re: [SLE] SuSE 9.0 and a USB Palm Zire

Krikket krikket at gothpoodle.com
Mon Nov 24 21:52:51 EST 2003

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003, Donn aka n5xwb Washburn wrote:

> Hey Groups;
> Has anyone gotten a Palm Zire with a USB connector to work with SuSE 9.0?
> I have had all of this working with SuSE 8.2.  Using "lsusb"  it shows up with a Palm
> device after hitting hot sync.  Call up Jpilot and/or kjpilot and neither can find
> the device.  I have even downloaded and compiled Jpilot's most recent version (which
> worked under SuSE 8.2 just fine) with no luck under 9.0.
> My USB 1.0 HP scanner works - Yast2 found it and set it up.  This make me believe
> that SuSE has screwed around with something which will not allow use off the USB
> port.  I have kernel 2.4.22 with the correct USB chipset and devices selected.
> Besides they are found in /proc and "lsusb".
> Any clues as where to look?

I don't know about kpilot, as it uses a different program to talk with the
Palm unit, but I can answer for jpilot.  (I had the same problem with
getting my system to talk with jpilot.  kpilot wasn't an issue though.)

the problem lies with the pilot-link program that comes as a default with
SuSE 9.0.  For whatever reason, SuSE included an old version of the
program, and it doesn't recognize USB.  So what you will need to do is to
upgrade to .0.11.3 (if memory serves correctly -- the version number may
be off.)


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