[jp] Pretty Calendar Views

Paul English tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Fri Nov 21 12:50:09 EST 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Judd Montgomery wrote:

> Back in J-Pilot 0.99, circa April 1999, I have this line in the TODO file:
> "* Better daily schedule"
> That is my 1 line summary and reminder of what we are talking about now.
> Its *still* in the TODO file!  Not by choice, but because there are 
> always functional improvements and bugs to be worked on.  So, it is 
> obviously something that I wish for also.  I usually choose 
> functionality over pretty.  I *really* hope I get to it before more 

It shows - Jpilot is rock solid, simple and reliable. There isn't a lot of 
eye candy, but it works. For a productivity application I think that is 
precisely the correct attitude. In this case I think "pretty" calendar 
views may be getting mis-classified as a frill or eye candy because it is 
not like "animated windows" or "bubble help" but it is a UI issue that 
directly contributes to the baseline functionality of the app. But again, 
it seems like only one other person sees it that way and majority rules. 

> years go by.  I could easily make a full-time job of this.

I don't doubt it! I'm glad that you don't do that because if you weren't 
getting paid you'd burn out and then jpilot would be orphaned. 

> I've got the code on my hard drive if someone wants to run with it.  Its 
> fun stuff to code, IMO.

Sweet - I may take you up on this, but it is guaranteed not for many 
months. I just thought it was a little ridiculous my struggling with the 
calendar the way it was when what I wanted might be sitting in CVS or 
right around the corner. 


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