[jp] J-Pilot wiki is now up!

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Thu Nov 20 02:35:20 EST 2003


	I've put the new J-Pilot wiki up, and populated it with two FAQ
questions to start with and a plugins page. As the wiki evolves, it will
probably (if all goes well) end up holding a lot more useful information,
such as documentation, manpages, helpful tips and hints for other users, and
so on. This is just a start.

	Note: A wiki is not a "discussion board" or "forum", and it isn't
the right place to report bugs with J-Pilot (there are other facilities for
that, http://bugs.jpilot.org/ in this case).

	Feel free to add your own useful J-Pilot content to it, but please
try to keep it organized and easy to read for others. Always preview your
content before you click on "Save" and submit it for others to view. Use the
SandBox area for testing the different tags and wiki formatting if you wish.
Look at some of the existing format in wiki as a model for formatting your
own. Look at the two wiki pages at openurls.plkr.org and wiki.plkr.org for
more advanced formatting ideas.

	If you have any errors or other issues with the use of the wiki,
please let me know (directly, not via this list please), and I'll attend to
them and get things fixed up.

	Above all, have fun!


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